Anonymous feedback from attendee at City Business Library Seminar:

  • Complex subject- patient and helpful presenter
  • Plenty of information explained very well and engaging
  • Very comprehensive, ensured audience understood – good examples
  • Very interactive. Abul has answered lots of questions in just 2 hours
  • Very informative
  • Very informative and useful
  • Clear – a bit fast but great
  • Clear – useful information
  • He is full of energy throughout the session – very knowledgeable

Anonymous feedback from attendee at City Business Library Seminar:

  • Very interesting, I think if we had a bit more time it would have been better.
  • Please book this guy again, very informative! We need more!!!
  • I had no idea about web building and Google an amazing workshop.
  • Full of tips I even managed to carry on outside when fire alarms went on. Gave us a great deal to use immediately in our business strategy.
  • It was very interesting- provided lots of info.
  • Get him back for some more sessions!
  • Excellent! Well structured presentation. Abul has great humour. I learnt a lot in 2 hrs – thank you.
  • Clear concise with the right touch of humour – Thanks.
  • Best speaker I’ve been to at the library.
  • Detailed and open with information,excellent – not too technical, very accessible.

Feedback from Strategy Sessions:

“Fantastic! Excellent, practical, detailed, RELEVANT information. Very helpful!”
– Jacqueline Coward, West Midlands

“Abul , I love your enthusiasm and really hope you attain greater success”
– Stephen Cullen, Wales

“Hello Mr Hussain, Just emailing to say thanks for the info, I have found it VERY informative but besides that I find the email’s you send extremely motivational! Anyway thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.”
– Ashley Porter, London

Feedback from training products:

“Huge amount of information, great value for money!”
– William Stuart, Inverclyde

“Fast delivery, very good info”
– Steven Baker, Cambridgeshire

“Read your book and it is absolutely “second to none”, brilliant, jampacked with invaluable information for marketing and making substantial income. Working full timewith a teenage family leaves me little time to communicate however, I am slowly cipping way at my website, ebook, etc. Regards and many ,many thanks.”
– Shirley Brown, Newcastle

– Mohammed Amin, Lancashire

– Ryan Leek, Caerphilly

“All relevant information. Not full of ‘waffle’, unlike some other products!”
– Martyn Ranger, Swindon

“I am delighted with the book and am steadily digesting the contents and perusing the Bonus discs.”
– Colin Dawber, Cheltenham

“Hi Abul, Thanks for your continued advice. As I read and re-read your book and work through your much appreciated step by step guide i genuinely appreciate your efforts to tell it as it is and not just sell the glitter and get rich quick outline that proliferates the net and your related competitors.”
– Charles Hacker, London