About Me


Abul Hussain

I am a third generation British-Bangladeshi who was born in London. I excelled in my studies being one of the best students at the institutions I attended. I graduated with an LLB Honours [Law] from the world reknowned London School of Economics & Political Sciences [LSE].

My interest in marketing started 10 years ago, whilst studying the rise of online enterprises. That interest has grown over the years and turned into expertise and passion. My knowledge of digital marketing is vast and qualifies me to call myself an expert in the field.

I set up a boutique digital marketing consultancy, whilst I was at University. We started off with a handful of contracts from local business owners and the rest as they say, is history.

Currently, I have an array of consulting clients ranging from small start ups to multi-million pound businesses. To put it simply, I create marketing solutions which help my clients create new leads, convert them to customers and retain their loyalty.

To see if you qualify for a free consultation with myself, get in touch.

Location: London, United Kingdom